Thursday, 4 December 2008

Ascii Art is an Innovative way to catch the searchers eye.

When planning and implementing a Google AdWords campaign, copywriting is a key factor to establishing a high quality score, relevance and CTR. Not only is persuasive copy a way to stand out among the crowd and include searchers in the buying process while still on the search results page, but sometimes copy can be used to stand out from the crowd.

Search engine copywriting is an art. It may not seem possible to pack creativity and strategy into such short headlines and descriptions, but copy is a tool you need to win the search marketing wars. Make sure you test different creative using the engines rotation of more than one creative to find the best creative for the specific AdGroups. Include the following in your variations of creative; Call to action, Unique Selling Points, Price points if competitive, Promotions, Brand Inclusion, Seasonal Messages.

ASCII Art is a way to form pictures and images using simple keyboard symbols, like dashes or plus signs; which has been used since the days of the Vic 20 or Commodore Pet to show images on a screen.

The company used ascii art to create ads including the image of a car.
The folks at PayDay One tested ASCII Art. Google is trying to filter this type of art from being included in their Adwords copy; some of the creatives are still getting through (although disapproved after a while). This is an excellent mix of ASCII Art and creative copy.

To coincide with James Bond Film ‘Quantum of Solace’ and make use of the buzz surrounding the new film Littlewoods Direct advertised the James Bond Box Set:

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